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May 2018

The Oneironaut is available here.

However the other productions are on the Interzone Theatre app, which is currently unavailable. If you downladed the app you can still listen to the walks.

These productions will be available in a new format soon.

Promo for Teffradot


by Rebecca Horrox

at Cwm Idwal, Snowdonia, Wales

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A new opera set in motion by a walking audience in the mountains of Eryri (Snowdonia). it relays a modern myth set around Lyn Idwal, the lake at the bottom of a glacial valley.


Through song, eight characters, Sundew, Butterwort, Ceffyl Dwr, Dragon, Prince, Rock, Pen-Bele God of Death and the Teffradot emerge from the water, ice, rock, flora and fauna voicing stories of shape-shifters, immortals from the other-world, the eternal and ephemeral beings of Cwm Idwal. 


Traditional welsh melodies are cut-up, rearranged and transformed, echoing the scarred, shattered rock face. Instruments of a bygone era side by side with new, join eight voices to echo in the mountain, to symbolise a state of pure eternity.


Commissioned by Soundlands

Available in either Welsh or English




by Joel Cahen

at Chalkwell Park, Southend On Sea

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We spend 11% of our existence dreaming, a full month of each year, that's more time than we spend eating. While the body lies still the mind wanders, free of limitations of time and space. This story poses the possibility that a conscious dreaming mind could share other people's real waking experiences.



The Oneironaut, a dream traveller, reawakens perpetually into a dream. Confusing memories and reality, he tries to use dream logic to return to his sleeping body. As he occupies your consciousness, he guides you through the park and through to his realisation of the somber truth.



Commissioned by METAL as part of Nesta and Arts Council England Digital R&D Fund


A community project in Hackney, London

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Over 200 years ago Hackney was a cultural destination for visitors around the globe, home to London's textile industry and the largest botanical hothouse in the world.

Electric Bloom explores Hackney’s historic links with the textile industry and the exotic gardens and hothouses created by the Loddiges family over 200 years ago. At this time visitors from all corners of the globe came to Hackney to experience an amazing display of tropical plants and flowers from around the world.


Electric Bloom is led by SDNA supported by the London Borough of Hackney, the Arts Council England, the Heritage Lottery Fund, the PRS and the Greater London Authority. 



by Joel Cahen

at Watermans Art Gallery, Brentford.

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Chronomotive describes the moment in the present when you realise you are the future self you projected from the past.


it is this reflection that reveals the chronomotion, a trajectory in time between two distinct events: 

the vision and its revision. 


As you walk around the Watermans Art Centre you follow the astronomer Charlie Green; Trans-man Michael Dillon; archeologist Gertrude Caton; the king of Britain Cassivellaunus; and worshippers of the god Chronos. All weaved in an abstracted poetic reality.


Some Say That Dreams Are Chronomotive.

The Places, The Situations And The Unfamiliar Faces That Appear When The Mind Is Unhinged On Physical Reality, Do They Belong To A Different Time?



Are They The Faces You Would Have Met Had You Decided To Do One Thing And Not The Other?


Duration: 35min

Commissioned by Watermans Art Gallery

for Networked Bodies Weekend







a walk in the central ZURICH

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An invocation of seven archetypes of the creative consciousness: The Hero, Monolith, Informer, Pool, Catalyst, Inhibitor, and Fisherman through the architecture and walkways of the city.


First created for reArt:TheUrban Conference 

Oct 2012 



a walk from Euston to Mornington Crescent

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The seven archetypes of the creative consciousness guide a journey into the Panopticon, of the mind, of society.


Look inside the Eye of Horus

Does the All Seeing Eye offer Protection?

Is it a reflection?


Created for Sprint Festival 2013



a walk in the central Belfast

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The seven archetypes of the creative consciousness guide a journey through the four minds: The Biological Mind, The Social Mind, The Intellectual Mind and The Dynamic Mind.


Inspired by Robert M Pirsig's book, Lila.


Commissioned by Sonorities Festival 2013

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